About Us

Tri Alliance Partners is a three way alliance with:

  • The automotive dealer,
  • The customer (automotive buyers)
  • A highly skilled team of experts that have intimate details of how a dealership works.

Our alliance will bring success to everyone.

Shawn Nehrir founded Tri Alliance Partners to solve many of the problems he experienced during his 35 year career in the automotive dealership business. Selling cars/trucks is not easy. Running the business is even harder. Shawn has sold vehicles and accessories, managed sales teams, managed dealerships, and has traveled the US training dealers on best practices. He has walked in the dealer's shoes and knows how to make a dealer successful.

We focus primarily on small to medium sized dealerships that are competing with "the big boys". Large multi-product and multi-location dealerships bring an economy of scale to their business that makes it very difficult to compete against them. The small to medium dealers need help with sales, revenue, overhead, and best practices.

Shawn Nehrir, Founder

Tri Alliance Partners transforms the way an automotive dealer operates today. Together we can make your daily operations stress free and a success.

Tri Alliance Partners is a high level group of former automotive dealer operators who’ve became consultants and advise current dealer operators on the very best practices available today surrounding the automotive daily ecosystem and challenges. The goal of Tri Alliance Partners is to make the daily operations of a dealer operator easy and to support the dealer operator in deciding on the correct and risk free decisions.

Tri Alliance Partners not only evaluates the current state of the dealer P&L statements, they also show a comparison on how to increase sales, decrease dealer expenses and a solution to increase profits to the bottom line.

We’ve selected from the national best in class dealer Sales training, Marketing, Advertising, Technology platforms, Workers compensation, Risk & compliance, HR Team, Payroll, Benefits, Reconditioning of new & used cars and fixed operations. Tri Alliance Partners suggest the very best vendors to partner with and to increase their ROI.