More Sales

These are your new customers. Your customers may be even older or younger, but they are online.

We have built automotive dealership specific marketing programs that will connect with your customers and bring them to you. This is more than a social media or online advertising effort. This is a program designed by people that have sold cars. We know how to get your customers to take action.

A "good' marketing effort will generate a 5% conversion rate, we hit 20% conversion. We have a GREAT program.

More Revenue

Tri Alliance Partners has created automotive services and additional revenue programs to help a dealership make more revenue per customer without adding overhead. Even if you are already providing these services, we will lower your cost, simplify your management, and increase your profits. 

Our complete car restoration service is a great example. Customers love this service. We do a complete detail and repair that will make the car showroom ready. You order online, we handle the details, now your team is making the sale. This is just one example of a service that will help you increase your revenue per customer.

More Net Profit

Solving one of the most significant overhead and operational costs to a dealership, human resources. We’ve created an opportunity to free you to focus on what matters: Sell more and make more. Our innovative software automates HR for both employees and admins.

Here’s how it works:

  1. It empowers employees to manage their HR and benefits themselves
  2. It saves several hours every week with managed local, state, and federal compliance
  3. It manages time off, tracks employee information, and safely store documents

You didn’t start your business to file paperwork, but someone still has to do it. We handle the tedious and complex work of filing, reporting, and getting the right insurances for you. And, again, because we bring all our companies together under our umbrella, we've got the relationships with all the regulating bodies to handle the paperwork for you. 

Best Practices

We have trained thousands of dealers around the country. We know how to get employee buy-in on doing the right process and to show how a change of process can create more sales. Our training programs will deliver the best practices to your operations almost overnight as we will be there to train your trainers, managers ... We know how to help you do it right