You may think running a dealership is only about selling cars, however, there are many factors that go into making a dealership successful. Best practices that allow dealerships to maximize their selling potential by learning proper methods and techniques that you never knew they existed. 
Sessions are 1 -3 hours depending on dealer staff and dealer volume


Coaching Sessions for the Sales Staff Jump to Coaching for Managers

Why do customers choose your competition over you

An excellent workshop for the entire dealer staff. This workshop opens the doors on what shoppers want and how do they search to satisfy their needs. An eye opener for the dealer staff on how to connect with customers prior to arrival at the dealership.

How to appeal to the female car buyer

After completing this workshop session you will be able to:

  • Describe the female car buyer
  • Demonstrate how to sell to the female car buyer

Automotive shopper digital connection

MOST CONSUMERS want the ability to do a number of automotive shopping/buying activities online, viewing digital retailing as convenient and saving them time. After this workshop session you will be able to influence customers away from the less digital savvy competition dealers.

How to correctly connect with the Millennial age customers

These six steps will help you build toward mastery of your digital dealership, and fortify your role as a crucial cog in the business’s operations.

How to correctly connect with the Generation Z customers

Today’s 16 year olds live a very different lifestyle than the Millenials 10 years ago. After this workshop you will know how to connect with Gen-Z and succeed.

How to become your dealership’s digital Rock Star

Mastering your digital dealership is critical to your business’s success. Like most things, however, mastery in the digital space requires an ever-evolving skillset that conforms to infinitely advancing technology and the data that goes along with it. It requires an openness of mind and an eagerness to learn and improve.

Do you know today’s customers

(Best of The Walk in, Sales Call, Text and email)
Today customers walk into average of 1.2 dealers prior to their purchase. This session provides dealer staff with the type of communication and conversations customers willing to accept in order to let you win their business.

Dealer Operator, Management Best Practices sessions Jump to Coaching for Owners

360 Degree of digital marketing

This course is designed for the dealer decision maker on the very first words spoken to a prospective customer online and how to influence the customer to select your products and services over the competition.

Innovate now and Build the future of car buying

Opportunity to influence customers based on their frame of mind. This session will offer ideas to the dealer decision maker, never knew existed and gives a solid foundation of how to steer the dealer ship, moving forward.

Attract customers by correctly marketing your New, CPO and Used car inventory

There are only 4 basic categories that will enable a dealer to expose dealer inventory to a vast majority of car searchers. Find out how the smallest attention to your processes can generate your inventory exposure to majority of customers.

How car buyer actions have changed

Customer preference will drive radical change in dealership processes. After this session you will know how to drive your staff in the connection of the car buyer of the near future.

Engage and Influence shoppers through Advertising

Inventory management, rapid retail and vehicle solutions versus Buyer assurance, negotiations and proper customer handling. How effective advertising solves wants and needs of a dealer as well as the customer.

How to match the Ad spend with the customer Behavior online

Is your advertising Ad spend connecting with the correct audience. Find out how to target and hit the right return on investment.

How to reconnect customers back to the dealer service after purchase

When it comes to maintenance and repair services, dealerships are leaving money on the table. In fact, only 30% of total service visits occur at a dealership. The reasons why dealerships are not capturing more of the maintenance and repair market fall into five main categories. This session opens the flow of customers and ultimately service revenue you’re not currently capturing.