More Sales

Today customers walk into 1.2 dealers before they purchase. We have built an automotive dealership specific marketing programs that engages your customers to you and connects them to a walk in visit.

There are a few less customers walking into your dealer due to availability to information to the customer, comparisons, extended terms, low APR and ease of doing business at the customer’s shopping stages.This is more than a social media or online advertising effort. This is a program designed by people that have engaged customers through prospecting, correctly responded on emails, communicated well on the sales calls and influenced customers to come in and once in the showroom, connected with the right processes to purchase.

During customer awareness and consideration stages, the ownership financial decisions win over make, model and dealer selection. Current market conditions are conducive to positive equity during the coming selling season:

  1. Interest rates are still very low.
  2. Trade-in values are stable, but will eventually take a hit from the growing inventory surplus.
  3. Customers who bought a car during the historically low APR years of 2013-2015, probably have more positive equity than they realize.

We know how to get your customers to feel differently about your dealer and take action on you. Nationally, a "good' marketing effort will generate a 5-9% conversion rate, we hit 20-40% conversion. We have a proven record and we have a FANTASTIC program.